The name chosen to represent our brand has a very specific meaning.
In Greek mythology , Nereus is a primitive sea god, nicknamed the "Old Man of the Sea". He is the protector of the oceans.

It is the symbol of a calm sea rich in biodiversity.

NEREUS is none other than the father of the "nereids", better known as "sirens".

They are often represented as beautiful young girls with hair intertwined with pearls, half-women, half-fish.

Beautiful, elegant and powerful, they work for the preservation of the underwater world alongside their father NÉRÉE.

In total, there are no less than 50 nereids, or 50 shades of femininity.

Each of our swimsuits bears the name of one of them, in reference to their different silhouettes and personalities.

You are free to choose the nereid you want to embody.