Our swimsuits are resistant to salt, sun, chlorine and sun creams. In short, they resist life!

Nevertheless, in order to ensure that your favorite bikini remains intact, we advise you to apply these few tips:

  • Remember to rinse your swimsuit with clear water.

Salt, sand or even chlorine deteriorate your swimsuit. So we don't leave our Nérée in a corner and we rinse it thoroughly.

  • Dry your swimsuit in the shade and without wringing it.

By wringing it by hand or in the machine, you risk deforming it by breaking the fiber of the fabric. Prefer natural drying.

  • Wash your swimsuit in lukewarm water.

The ideal is to wash your swimsuit by hand in lukewarm water using Marseille soap. It is the perfect ally to fight cream and oil stains. For those who wish to machine wash it, do not exceed 40°C.

  • Finally, keep your swimsuit and carry it in its pretty pouch.

This will limit friction and possible risks of deterioration, and it's hot!